Integrated Design

Integrated Design

Integrated Design

Integrated Design is a holistic approach to high performance building design and construction. It relies upon every member of the project team sharing a vision of sustainability, and working collaboratively to implement sustainability goals at appropriate phases during the project. Effective integrated design leverages synergies among building components, resulting in reduced life cycle costs of the project.

Harvard's Green Building Standards require integrated design for new construction projects. This section provides a guide for project team members to adopt integrated design for cost effective green building innovations.

A successful integrated design process brings key stakeholders together beginning with predesign and continuing through all design phases to identify opportunities for synergy across disciplines and building systems.

Analysis performed by the integrative design team should be used to develop design standards and strategies communicated in the:

A comprehensive Integrated Design process will include developing and clarifying project goals in early stages and then fleshing out and developing strategies to achieve the project goals through design, construction, and post occupancy.

Integrated Design Analysis should include:

  • Site Selection
  • Energy Systems
  • Water Related Systems
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Human Health and Wellbeing