Green Building Tools & Resources

Green Building Tools & Resources

Green Building Tools & Resources

Here you will find extensive resources for meeting Harvard's Green Building Standards and optimizing the performance of existing buildings.

Process-oriented standards required for all capital projects within Harvard.

Learn more about integrated design and how can it be best implemented.

Learn about successful energy models at Harvard as well as recommended software and methods.

Access to Harvard’s free Life Cycle Costing Calculator including training information and supplemental resources.

Information related to the impact of climate change on facility and urban design/planning.

Examines best practices for new construction and renovation projects from the end of construction through the first few years of occupancy including project closeout, commissioning (Cx), and Measurement and Verification (M&V).

Insight into energy auditing, submetering, the development of Energy Use Indexes (EUIs), and how to set targets for new construction and existing facilities.

Issues related to the impact of facility design and construction on human health, comfort, and overall wellbeing.

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For up to the minute news, articles and additional resources from Harvard’s Office for Sustainability.

    Harvard Sustainability Impact Report

    Want to learn more about Harvard’s progress in reaching its sustainability goals?  Check out the Sustainability Impact Report examining progress to date in both green buildings and myriad other factors that contribute to Harvard’s environmental impact.