Green Building Tips

Green Building Tips

Green Building Tips

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As part of Harvard's commitment to sustainability, the Green Building Tip aims to educate not only building managers, but the entire Harvard community about different "green" technologies, practices, materials and opportunities utilized in one or more buildings owned by Harvard.

Sharing individual lessons learned on a University-wide scale can help further efforts to sustainably design, build, renovate and operate Harvard buildings, which ultimately reduces operating costs and Greenhouse Gas Emissions while increasing occupant health, comfort and building performance.

Green Tip Archive

August 2013 - Life Cycle Costing Update

April 2013 - Stairwell and Corridor Lighting

October 2012 - Winter Energy Saving Tips

August 2012 - Irrigation Efficiency

July 2012 - Demand Response

June 2012 - Organic Landscaping at Harvard

April 2012 - Electronically Commutated Motors (ECMs)

March 2012 - Efficient Windows and Glazing

February 2012 - LED Lighting Update

January 2012 - Plug Load Management

December 2011 - 2011 Year in Review

December 2011 - Reviewing Building Automation System (BAS) Opportunities

October 2011 - Fan Coil Unit (FCU) Efficiency

September 2011 - Programming Occupancy Sensors

August 2011 - Bottle Filling Station Options

July 2011 - Data Centers and Server Rooms

May 2011 - Automated Continous Commissioning (ACCx)

April 2011 - LED Lighting

March 2011 - Utility Incentives

February 2011 - Efficient Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers

January 2011 - Sustainable De-Icing Products

November 2010 - Thermographic Imaging for Heat Loss Detection

October 2010 - Waterless Urinals