Systems, Materials & Products

Systems, Materials & Products

Systems, Materials & Products

The materials and systems that comprise high performance buildings are advancing at an accelerating pace. Technology is becoming increasingly more efficient, and the attention paid to the health and environmental impacts that building materials have on our bodies and surrounding bio-systems are facing increasing scrutiny.  The categories below feature links to products, materials, and systems featured in Harvard projects.

Please note that inclusion of specific products and systems in this website does not constitute any form of endorsement by Harvard University, the President and Fellows of Harvard College, or any of their affiliates or subsidiaries.  These listings are provided for informational purposes only.

Resources for heating, ventilation, cooling, domestic hot water, solar thermal systems, and all associated controls.  Also includes building envelope systems (insulation, windows, roofing etc.).

Lighting, power, metering, process loads, plug loads, solar photovoltaics, and associated controls.

Flush and flow fixtures, water filtration and bottle filling stations 

Stormwater management, vegetation, habitat creation, and transportation infrastructure

Paints, adhesives, wall/floor coverings, case goods, seating, systems furniture, and other materials and furniture.

Solar thermal, solar photovoltaic (PV), wind, and other renewable energy systems.

Insulation, glazing, and active or passive shading systems.