Sustainability LEED Training

Sustainability LEED Training

Sustainability LEED Training

In addition to project management experience, the Green Building Services staff has hundreds of hours of leading training exercises related to LEED GA and AP exams, Life Cycle Costing, utility bill analysis, and general sustainability practices for non-professionals. 

Our staff routinely instruct under the Sustainability and Energy Management program at the Harvard Extension School on topics as diverse as change management within organizations to advanced energy auditing courses, though we have provided customized training from single topic, one-hour sessions through full day accreditation exam preparation classes.

LEED GA and LEED AP Training

All Green Building Services staff have earned their LEED AP designation at a minimum, and many have extensive experience teaching others.  AP and GA training sessions typically require a minimum length of 4 hours, and often are planned for a full day. 

Life Cycle Costing Calculator Training

To base decisions on life cycle costing analysis, an understanding of the basic terminology and metrics is necessary. Engineers, managers and others who intend to perform the calculations will require detailed training and practice in life cycle costing. The Green Building Services Team offers the following training sessions:

  • Overview For Decision Makers/Reviewers (typically ½ to 1 hour)
    • Definition of terms
    • Explanation of Harvard’s standard assumptions
    • Example LCC analysis, using Harvard template
    • Types of projects where LCC should be used
    • How to interpret LCC metrics
  • In-Depth Training Session – For Those Creating Calculations (typically 1-2 hours)
    • Includes all of the information in the overview session, but also includes:
    • Step by step review of Harvard’s LCC methodology
    • Practice in LCC calculations
    • How to present results

Sustainable Operations

GBS can provide custom training on a variety of topics, though in recent years we have worked with FAS to provide training specific to building managers and occupants related to building control systems, lighting, and plug load savings opportunities. 

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