Sustainable Design Support Services

Sustainable Design Support Services

Sustainable Design Support Services

We can support your capital projects by leading efforts to organize design charettes, facilitate the establishment of green design goals, provide specification language, complete incentive applications, and recommend vendors and consultants. Our years of experience in capital project management, diverse staffing backgrounds, and role in the development of Harvard’s Sustainable Building Standards results in a team uniquely suited for ensuring your next capital project minimizes its environmental footprint.

We can help ensure your consultants are doing their best to meet Harvard’s sustainability goals by reviewing RFPs, plans and specifications, and more.

Our team has administered LEED certification efforts for 93% of the certifications on Harvard's campus.  

We provide comprehensive training exercises related to LEED® GA and AP exams, Life Cycle Costing, utility billing analysis, and general sustainability practices for non-professionals.

Providing comprehensive commissioning services meeting LEED® requirements, as well as re-commissioning services for existing buildings.

Allow our team to manage all purchasing, incentive management, scheduling, and labor within a single contract.

Offering utility incentive administration on everything from large capital projects to small ECM implementations.

Once commissioning is complete, it’s critical the building’s utility consumption is measured and control strategies reviewed to ensure optimal performance.

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