GS-42 Certified

GS-42 Certified

GS-42 Certified

Green Cleaning is the standard service offering for our entire cleaning operation.  While occasional deviation from this approach can be accommodated, we strongly encourage our Harvard clients to adhere to Green Cleaning principles.

Our Green Cleaning programs use products and procedures that contribute to healthy surroundings for building occupants and cleaning staff while minimizing the impact of cleaning operations on the environment.  This approach evaluates more than just appearance, by placing an equal emphasis on the environmental sustainability of cleaning operations and overall building health.  

Green Seal™ is a non-profit organization that certifies products and services which meet rigorous environmental safety standards.   FMO only uses cleaning products that meet these or other similar standards, including the EPA’s Safer Choice, Environmental Choice’s EcoLogo, and the European Union’s Ecolabel.

The Green Seal™ standards require:

  • Each building to have a customized cleaning program that meets its specific environmental needs
  • All products must be registered as "environmentally preferable" by Green Seal™
  • All procedures must be designed around the environment and health of building occupants
  • All procedures must comply with strict environmental safety regulations

The challenging approval process systematically scrutinizes the full range of cleaning activities and requires detailed on-site reviews of operations and staff performance.  FMO was required to adjust cleaning products and procedures as well as invest in new equipment.  Staff members were also obligated to complete 24-hours of specialized training in product selection and use, as well as proper cleaning techniques utilizing the new equipment.  All told, more than five hundred pages of submitted documentation detailing specific cleaning protocols and operating procedures were required to achieve this prestigious certification.

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