Energy Reporting Tools

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Energy Reporting Tools

Energy Reporting Tools
EnergyCAP Home

EnergyCAP log

To access the new system (EnergyCAP)…First time users should read and print Advice on Running EC Report.pdf before continuing on to the link to the system.

Log on to EnergyCAP

Energy Interval Data

Energy Interval Data

The link below will take you to a site where various Interval Data reports for energy use are available. These are detailed technical reports and not intended for a casual user. If you’re looking for monthly energy use and cost information for a school, building and/or meter, please use the EnergyCAP reports described above. You will get the same data there as you used to get from Energy Witness

To access the Energy Interval Data site from a non-Harvard location, you must use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). After clicking on the link below, you will be brought to a pop-up to sign in. Please enter your Harvard Key UserName and Password.

Log on to Energy Interval Data

Energy Witness home

Energy Witness

IMPORTANT NOTICE! – Effective April 8, 2022, "Energy Witness" reports will no longer be available.