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Dorm Crew

dorm-crew-shield2.pngDorm Crew is a campus services provider and first-year pre-orientation program that is entirely managed and operated by Harvard undergraduates. Through our programming, employment opportunities, and leadership development system, Dorm Crew advances Harvard College’s vision for a welcoming, supportive, and diverse community that cultivates rewarding and transformative student experiences while delivering core services to the university in a sustainable way.

  • Dorm Crew’s pre-orientation program, Fall Clean-Up, fosters opportunities for exchange and dialogue among students with a diversity of experiences and mentors first-year students during their transition to college.
  • Dorm Crew’s varied suite of campus services enables us to offer hundreds of meritocratic, flexible, and lucrative student employment opportunities throughout the year while simultaneously providing Harvard with essential support and services and contributing to a more sustainable campus.
  • Dorm Crew’s intensive leadership development program promotes collaboration, adaptability, and creative problem-solving while offering practical experience managing a diverse workforce, refining interpersonal communication skills, and developing personal leadership styles in order to prepare students for a variety of post-collegiate paths.

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A comprehensive overview of Dorm Crew's Term-Time operations, including undergraduate bathroom cleaning, residential life safety inspections, classroom cleaning, and lost and found services.

Dorm Crew provides Harvard freshmen with dorm life essentials, including complimentary toilet paper, poster gum, cleaning supplies, vacuums, hand tools, and other equipment.

Dorm Crew offers a wide variety of student employment opportunities. The competitive starting wage of $13.00 and the flexibility from week to week (many employees make their own hours) make Dorm Crew one of the most popular employers on campus.

Fall Clean-Up with Dorm Crew is one of five Freshman Pre-Orientation programs, and the only one that pays participants!

During Spring Clean-Up, Dorm Crew employs approximately 400 students to prepare Harvard residential buildings for Alumni Reunions and Summer School in addition to assisting with the set-up and breakdown of Harvard Commencement and Reunion events.

Essential resources for new and current Dorm Crew employees including pre-employment paperwork, tax forms, paycheck and direct deposit information, and payroll issue troubleshooting.

Please feel free to contact Dorm Crew with any questions or concerns regarding our operations, services, and employment opportunities.